ALBUM of MEMORIES of our ancestors from the First World War

The association of the descendants of Serbian warriors from 1912 to 1920 , with the blessing of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej and in cooperation with the Serbian Governmental Office for Cooperation with Diaspora and Serbs in the region of the Republic of Serbia ,in order to mark one hundred years of the First World War announces:


FOR SUBMITTING PHOTOGRAPHS AND OTHER DOCUMENTS FROM THE FIRST WORLD WAR and participation in creating the ALBUM of MEMORIES of our ancestors from the First World War.

Let’s revive the rememberance!
Let’s revive the memory!
Let’s help the history!

Make the spirit and the work of your glorious ancestors - the participants of the First World War visible. Take part in the creation of the album of memories of our ancestors from the First World War.

If you have photographs, autobiographical documents, diaries, soldiers’ letters, postcards and other documents which hold historical importance as the testimonies of the events from the period of World War I, put the scanned document into a joint Album of memories.

It is our historical responsibility and mission to promote the cultural heritage of the Serbian people, as an irreplaceable segment of the cultural heritage of the European nations. As such, Serbian history and culture is an equal member of the European and world history and culture, and the Serbian people are one of the saddest witnesses of the terrible suffering of the First World War participants. The credits of the Serbian army and many individuals for ending the war are tremendous, and the victims of Serbian people deserve remembrance.

Become the witnesses of the centuries of our ancestors’ glorious past . Pull your ancestors’ photographs out of the photo albums, pull the memorials and diaries from the drawers, pull your grandfathers and great-grandfathers out of your hearts and make them visible creators of our history.

History binds us and invites us to preserve the memories and the remembrances of the great years of the Serbian nation from 1914 to 1918. and the role of each individual in them, cherishing love , humanity , honour , work , creativity and general good as a personal responsibility for the future of our descendants.

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